Our photographers

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We would like to invite freelancers, local photo agency's and any other photographic organisations to take part in World Portraits.

Are you attracted by the idealistic element of World Portraits and would you like to contribute? Do you have experience in portrait photography? Then please contact us and send your digital portfolio.

The distribution key that we apply to sales is:
40% for the photographer
40% for World Portraits
20% for the portrayed
The sales price of the photo depends on the use by the customer.

Style of the collection
World Portraits is the world in portraits. The concept of a portrait can be broadly interpreted: full-length, at work, posed or not posed. We shoot in all countries of the world, especially in countries of the Global South. The collection consists of happy, proud people. It is a stock collection, which means that the photos have to be submitted in high resolution to be able to be used by advertising agencies or magazines.

Let's work together: fill in the register form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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