Licence and usage

Editorial use
Editorial use is when you use an image to support or illustrate a newspaper article or informative story. If a photo is marked for editorial use only, it cannot be used for commercial purposes. In general, it's legal to publish photographs from people in a public space without consent, whereas photographs in a private space requires consent. However, always bear in mind that it is your responsibility that a photo is not used in a wrong or negative context.

Commercial use
Commercial use is when an image is used to promote or endorse something, sell a product or raise money for a cause. Common commercial uses include the use of an image on a billboard, a website, a blog, a brochure, a Facebook ad or even a television commercial. In order to use an image commercially, a release will need to be signed by any (identifiable) person(s) in the image and the owner of a recognizable property or brand in the image. For each photo it is indicated whether the photographer has obtained a signed model or property release. In that case, the person(s) portrayed or owner of a property or brand have given permission for use in a commercial context. If consent has been granted, you can purchase the image and do not need to ask any further advice.

Please note: if consent has not been obtained, the photo may not be used for commercial purposes.

Should you have any questions about the potential use of an image from our site, please get in touch with us via wilma@world-portraits.com

Print or online
Choose 'print' if you want to use the photo for publication in a magazine, newspaper, brochure, etc.

For use on websites, blogs, social media, etc., select 'online'.

The license is valid for one calendar year from the moment of download, for use within the specified domain. Please note that website + social media are two different domains.

For the proper functioning of this website only functional cookies are required. No permission is required for this. This website also uses analytical cookies (Google Analytics). No permission is required for this either. No tracking cookies are used.


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