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World Portraits seeks and finds close cooperation with a broad range of parties. We regularly approach all sorts of organizations that offer the possibility of a synergistic relationship, but you can always contact us yourself.

World Portraits has been made possible by the support of PicturePack, a powerfull picture management application.

World Portraits works with the Rabobank for the transfer of money to the models. The Rabobank is a valuable partner for World Portraits because the Rabobank has many local banks in the project countries. This makes it possible to reach the models. The Rabobank has agreed not to charge transaction costs when transferring the money to the World Portraits models. This keeps down the cost of the projects and makes it financially possible to transfer the money to the models.

DOEN foundation
World Portraits has been founded thanks to the support of The DOEN Foundation (Stichting DOEN). This foundation believes that it is possible to achieve a green, socially inclusive and creative society. They support people using entrepreneurship to actively work towards innovative solutions for a better world. The DOEN foundations believes they are at the forefront; they dare to take risks and they bring about change. They break through old structures and create new perspectives on existing problems. These pioneers are also a source of inspiration for others. DOEN’s role is to support these pioneers in the very first phase in order to give initiatives a flying start, and thereby stimulate innovation.

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