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30 - 40 years alternative Asia Asian asian country asian culture asian lifestyle asian male asian man asian person authentic bag basic carry carrying Ceylon citizen civilian civilization colour colour image community country cultural cultural inheritance culture daily daily activity daily life Dambana dark eye dark hair dark skin day daytime Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka developing country development diligent diversity enjoy enjoying enjoyment environment ethnic Ethnic Community ethnic group ethnically diverse exporting country Forest Forest people frown garden of Budha goatee group habit hairy hatchet heat heritage hold holding holiday destination holiday hotspot home hot human humanity hunter hut independent independent country Indigenous inhabitant island island country island style Joy landmark laugh laughing laughing face laughter life lifestyle livelihood living local loincloth low angle view magnificent Mahiyangana male man migrant minority modern economy multireligious multireligious country mustache naked native native person natural nature Outdoor outdoors outside pearl of the east plain poor portrait poverty poverty line primitive progressive pure religious Rural rural area rural district rural population scenery self-determination simple simple life smile Smiling smiling face South Asia Sri Lanka sri lankan sri lankan culture sri lankan lifestyle sri lankan male sri lankan man sri lankan person standard of living straw surrounding tear of India third world country tourism tourism hotspot tourism spot tradition traditional traditional lifestyle travel traveling tribal tribe tribe member tribes mark tribesman tropical tropical climate tropical island upcoming upcoming economy Veddas Veddas community vertical villager Wanniyala-Aetto warm warm climate wildman wrinkle

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